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How Sports Kids Handle Constructive Criticism

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How Sports Kids Deal With Criticism Dr. Patrick Cohn, co-founder of The Ultimate Sports Parent discusses how kids handle constructive criticism in sports. In this youth sports psychology video by Dr. Patrick Cohn you’ll learn: How kids handle criticism in sports today. Listen to the interview with Coach James Jackson and Dr. Patrick Cohn … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Grow From Mistakes – New Kids Sports E-book

Youth Sports Psychology

Facing Adversity in Youth Sports Do your sports kids have a hard time bouncing back after mistakes? Does their confidence decline after losing a game? Based on what other parents are telling us, the answer is a resounding “yes”! For example, here’s what one sports parent says: “My son is … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Are Young Athletes Entertainers for Parents Today?

Youth Sports Psychology

Entertaining Sports Parents Are young athletes entertainers for adults? Whether you agree with this idea or not, read on. You’ll learn why a father of three and senior writer at ESPN Magazine came up with this thesis. You’ll discover what he thinks can be done to change today’s sports scene … Read Sport Psychology Tip