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8 Tips for Sports Parents To Help Athletes Perform with Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Parents: Help Instill Confidence in Sports Kids Parents are always asking us how they should interact with their athletes before games and during practice. They want to know how to best support their sons or daughters’ confidence in sports. Here are a few general guidelines parents can use to help … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Parents Can Boost Young Athletes’ Confidence

Video of The Week

Instilling Confidence in Sports Kids Sports parents: Want to improve your young athletes’ confidence? Watch Dr. Patrick Cohn of The Ultimate Sports Parent discuss how sports parents can help kids boost self-confidence in sports and what not to do prior to games. Dr. Cohn discusses how athletes sabotage their pregame … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Importance of Positive Feedback for Young Athletes

How Choking Hurts Athletes’ Performance 

Rewarding Positive Behavior in Youth Sports Just how important is giving positive feedback to young athletes? For our Ultimate Sports Parent Radio show, we recently checked in with baseball coach Rob Gelphman about this topic. He says giving kids compliments, especially for making small achievements, like fielding a ground ball, … Read Sport Psychology Tip