How Sports Parents Can Boost Young Athletes’ Confidence

Instilling Confidence in Sports Kids

Sports parents: Want to improve your young athletes’ confidence?

Watch Dr. Patrick Cohn of The Ultimate Sports Parent discuss how sports parents can help kids boost self-confidence in sports and what not to do prior to games.

Dr. Cohn discusses how athletes sabotage their pregame confidence and what parents can do to help support sports’ kids confidence.

Watch the video below learn how to boost sports kids’ confidence.

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Help Young Athletes Boost Confidence in Sports!

The Ultimate Sports Parent

Every day, we receive letters from parents like you who want their children and teens to excel in sports. However, these parents can see fear, doubt, and frustration on the faces of their kids who struggle with the “inner” game of sports. But these parents have no idea how to help their kids overcome the worries, expectations and self-defeating thoughts that prevent their young athletes from feeling confident and successful.

You can benefit from our 15-plus years’ of work in sports psychology and sports parenting research. Now, you can tap into our secrets to sports success through a cutting-edge, 14-day program that helps young athletes overcome the top “mental game” challenges that sports parents face—and the top challenges young athletes face.

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