New Study Identifies Four Keys to Happy Athletes

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Nearly 70% of kids drop out of sports by the time they’re 13.

That statistic isn’t new, but what is new is research that identifies what would keep them in sports.

A new study conducted by George Washington University’s School of Public Health found that kids are happier in sports when coaches focus on sportsmanship, kids’ effort, positive coaching, and encouraging the young athletes to learn and improve.

Cris Dobrosielski, an author, fitness expert and longtime youth sports coach gave us his take on the new findings.

“The new study found the kids are there to have fun. This is true of kids of all ages. They have to find enjoyment and satisfaction,” he says.

The study identified 81 fun factors and asked young athletes, mostly soccer players, to rate them. The four tactics identified above were ranked as top, in the kids’ eyes.

The additional top fun factors included game time support, games, practices, team friendships, mental bonuses, and team rituals.

Dobrosielski, who works with kids at all levels, says that at the higher levels, kids and adults tend to think that high-intensity training and fun don’t mix. But that’s not true, he says.

“Kids can have fun and it doesn’t have to take away from the high intensity. Coaches need less emphasis on the score and more on what the kids can control,” he says.

“They need to understand that they can’t control how good their opponents are, but can focus on their own effort and commitment.”

“Another important factor is creating a family environment for the kids,” he says.

“Coaches can support that by doing team activities unrelated to sports,” he says. Those activities might include dinners, laser tag, and parties that don’t focus on sports or performing.

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  1. You can work hard and still have fun! I think a lot of coaches think that hard work and fun are mutually exclusive and if kids are smiling and laughing they aren’t focusing and pushing themselves. But if you don’t love what you are doing and enjoy spending hours doing it it’s impossible to give it your all!

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