Young Athlete Confidence

How Sports Moms Help Dads Build Kids’ Confidence

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The Difference Between Moms and Dads as Sports Parents In the 1960s, youth football coach R. “Bob” Benjamin Jordan was upset by the way the dads behaved on the sidelines. “Dads had strong opinions that were different from the coaches,” he recalls. They were vocal and critical of the coaches. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

New Study Identifies Four Keys to Happy Athletes

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Sports Kids’ Keys to Happiness Nearly 70% of kids drop out of sports by the time they’re 13. That statistic isn’t new, but what is new is research that identifies what would keep them in sports. A new study conducted by George Washington University’s School of Public Health found that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Perfectionism Hurts Confidence in Young Athletes

Youth Sports Psychology

Perfectionism in Sports Hurts Confidence For example, perfectionist athletes expect a lot from their performance. Some of their expectations are unrealistic and make them think too much about results. This can lead to self-doubt when they don’t perform up to these high demands. Perfectionists also have a hard time feeling … Read Sport Psychology Tip