How to Avoid Comparison Trap for Sports Parents

Comparisons Hurt Athletes’ Confidence

When we surveyed parents, we found that 23% said that kids judge how their teammates are performing instead of focusing on their own play.

Focusing on others’ play will distract your young athletes from their own game, and can become a major confidence killer.

In the survey, parents said that kids compare themselves when they have friends who are more gifted as athletes, when other athletes of the same ability perform better than them, when opposing players are bigger or more athletic than they are–and more.

When your sports children compare themselves to their friends or teammates, they’re setting themselves up for a drop in confidence because they put other athletes “on a pedestal.”

Every time a teammate scores, makes a great play, or receives praise from the coach, it may hurt your kids’ confidence.

This thinking distracts your athletes from focusing on what’s important in the competitive arena.

In addition, concentrating on the strengths of other people may make your athletes raise expectations for themselves. When they fail to meet these expectations, they will likely become upset and lose confidence.

Parents dealing with this issue should help kids become more aware of the fact that they are comparing themselves to others, and remind them why this is a bad idea.

You as a parent need to be mindful of not comparing your athletes to other, more skill athletes. Your athletes may think they are not good enough when you do this.

Instead of focusing on others, remind your athletes to focus on their own skills and strengths…

What are they especially good at? What special talents do they have? Finally, remind them that an athlete who looks bigger or stronger is not necessarily a better athlete.

Remind your athletes that other kids are human, just like them, and are likely to be nervous about playing or have their own doubts.

Ask them to stop looking at other athletes they think are more skilled than them by focusing on their warm up and how they will prepare for the competition.

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