The Confident Sports Kid


Confidence is the Number One trait that determines whether sports kids stay in sports, reap its many benefits and grow as athletes. Our product, “The Confident Sports Kid,” is a two-in-one product that helps parents boost their sports parenting skills and ensure kids overcome classic confidence busters.

This simple-to-use program includes a manual for parents and coaches, a CD for parents and coaches, plus a workbook and CD prepared specifically for sports kids age 6 to 12. You can order The Confident Sports Kid via digital download or have the CDs and workbooks shipped to you by clicking on the read more button below!

In this program, sports parents and coaches learn about how to better communicate with young athletes in ways that boost kids’ confidence. For example, we tell parents how they should “mentally warm up” before their athletes’ games and avoid committing typical sports parenting no-nos.

For sports kids, we identify classic confidence busters. Most kids struggle with one or more of these challenges, which include:

  • High expectations (“I need to make four 3-pointers and block five shots today”)
  • Negative labels (“I’m too skinny to play football”);
  • “I can’t” statements (“I can’t score when I play against this team”).
  • Goofy beliefs (“I only score if I eat granola bars for breakfast or wear a red headband”).
  • Doubt (Can I really make that shot?)
  • Worries about what everyone thinks (“Coach is going to bench me if I make a mistake. My friend Sarah is here watching and may not like how I look.”)

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