A Coach and Ref Give Tips for Helping Kids During Games [Podcast]

Tips To Help Sports Kids in Games

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In many ways, it makes sense that we often see mayhem on the sidelines during youth sporting events, says Brian Swarz, a coach, ref and umpire who has seen a lot of youth sports games.

First of all, many of the coaches are parents of high-level players who are very invested in the outcome of the games. Second, the coaches generally aren’t trained. What’s more, the parents aren’t trained, either. No one has told them how they can best support their kids from the sidelines.

And, parents–who are natural teachers for their kids—tend to throw their natural teaching abilities out the window when there’s competition involved. They’re more critical of their kids.

The result of all these factors: There’s too much pressure, too much yelling, and too much negativity. That’s especially true if the coach is not setting a good example, Swarz says. The coach needs to set the tone for the whole team and its parents.

Given that there are so many factors contributing to sideline mayhem, it’s important for parents—and coaches—to understand what’s best for their kids.

First of all, it makes sense for coaches to begin each season with a team meeting during which they explain their philosophy and what they expect from kids and parents. That’s what Swarz does.

Parents and coaches should keep in mind that kids play sports to have fun. Adults should be as positive as possible. Keep in mind that most kids know what they’re supposed to be doing. They know when they’ve made a mistake. And most kids are quick to beat themselves up for making mistakes. They don’t need the parents criticizing them, too.

In addition, we’d like to add, it’s important for parents to cheer for all the team members—not just their own kids. If a coach sets a good example and establishes a positive, team-oriented culture, that’s likely what will happen.

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