Help Kids Develop Their Signature Style in Sports

Craig  Lambert, former chief sports writer at Harvard Magazine, says that kids can create a “signature style” that means they have taken ownership of their game, put their signature on it and made it all theirs.

“You find the way that works best for you as an athlete, including your physical talents, your mental disposition, your inclinations, your emotional makeup, intellectual makeup, your priorities in life–all  these  things  that make you uniquely who  you are can be built into the way you play a sport,” he said during the podcast interview.

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Helping Perfectionist Young Athletes

Now, you can learn how to help young athletes overcome the difficult cycle of perfectionism, fear of failure and loss of confidence. You can stop guessing about what to do and say to your athlete!

As an active sports mom and parenting author, I’ve asked my brother, a sports psychology expert who had helped his students with these same challenges for over 15 years, to help me develop a program for young athletes.

Our program: “Sports Parents’ Top Dilemma: Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism and Fear of Failure,” will walk you through the problem and arm you with practical solutions you can start implementing today.

You’ll start seeing changes in your young athlete’s confidence almost immediately.

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