How Proper Gear Boosts Confidence When Coming Back From An Injury

Helping Sports Kids Feel Confidence Again After Injury

Coming back from an injury can be one of the toughest mental obstacles for athletes at all stages.

Tracy McGrady, seven- time NBA all-star, spent eight straight seasons scoring more than 24 points per game before fading out in a flash after arthroscopic surgery.

The surgery itself was not a huge deal – many athletes have come back from worse physical injuries – but athletes returning from surgery are susceptible to a host of mental issues, most frequently loss of confidence.

They worry about re-injuring themselves and they play tentatively when they return.

Tentative play isn’t good for young athletes.

In order to grow as athletes, they need to take risks and play intuitively.

Jim Caldwell, executive vice president of headgear maker Unequal, says protection such as headgear can help an athlete at any age return from injury with more confidence.

“Think about what it does to the individual who has adequate protection. They find that when they crash into someone or hit the ground, they notice that difference the protection is giving them, and they end up developing a different attitude. They end up thinking ‘Gosh, I’m actually more confident playing this sport that I love.'”

Protection such as headgear can make your sports kids feel safe, which is essential if you want them to be able to make a smooth transition back from injury.

These protections may often be enough to stop your sports kids from thinking about their injury during play.

This will boost their ability to mentally get into the game, which will positively increase their confidence.

In addition to providing your sports kids with equipment that makes them feel safe, help them focus on playing in the moment, rather than thinking about getting injured.

Tell them to focus on the next play or move—not on getting injured.

Listen to the interview with Jim Caldwell here:

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