Mental Training Programs For Young Athletes

Mental Training Programs For Young Athletes

What’s the Best Program for My Young Athlete?

A sports mom asks:

“I just wanted to know what the best program is for a 11 (almost 12) year old. I have a 12-year-old with confidence issues.”

We often receive emails with these types of questions.

Here at the Ultimate Sports Parent and Kids’ Sports Psychology, we offer a number of programs, all of which boost kids’ confidence, focus, and overall mental toughness in sports.

The number one reason your athletes need help with their mental game is when they under perform in games–when they can’t perform freely or with confidence in competition.

Others top reasons parents contact us include the following. When their athletes:

  • Lose confidence
  • Get frustrated easily
  • Play too safe in games
  • Worry too much about what others think
  • Have fear of failure
  • Are perfectionists
  • Can’t focus well in games

Here are the top solutions we have for young athletes and parents to deal with these challenges…

Learn more about what’s right for your child:

1. The Confident Sports Kid CD and Workbook Program

This program addresses the top issues that undermine kids’ confidence in sports. This program is for sports kids that:

  • Have high expectations that hurt confidence
  • Doubt themselves before or during performance
  • Are perfectionists who can grow confidence
  • Have negative self-talk or are highly self-critical

Read more about The Confident Sports Kid Program here.

2. The Focused Sports Kid CD and Workbook Program

This program helps kids hone their focusing skills. This is a good choice for your young athlete if they:

  • Get distracted easily in competition
  • Worry about what others think, such as teammates, coaches and parents
  • Worry about their stats or the score
  • Focus too much on the size and strength of opponents
  • Lose focus and can’t get it back

Read more about The Focused Sports Kid Program here.

3. The Composed Sports Kid CD and Workbook Program

This program is designed to help sports kids who:

  • Struggle with frustration during competition
  • Have a lack of composure, especially in response to making mistakes
  • Throw tantrums after making mistakes
  • Lack emotional control and cry while playing

Read more about The Composed Sports Kid Program here.

4. The Ultimate Sports Parent CD and Wordbook Program

This programs helps you, as parents, become the best sports moms and dads you can be. This program:

  • Identifies top mental game challenges
  • Shows you how to cultivate confidence, focus and composure in kids
  • Helps you identify your top youth sports challenges

Read more about The Ultimate Sports Parent Audio & Workbook Program here.

5. Sports Parents’ Top Dilemma: Help Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

This program helps young athletes who are perfectionists. Are your kids:

  • Held back by fear, indecision or hesitation because they’re afraid of failing?
  • Are they too hard on themselves?
  • Do they lambast themselves for making mistakes?

Read more about Sports Parents’ Top Dilemma: Help Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism and Fear of Failure here.

6. 10-Minute Pregame Prep Audio and Workbook Program

This program helps young athletes mentally prepare for competition by listening to 10-min audio programs. This program helps kids:

  • Get ready mentally for competition.
  • Understand the most important mental skills to perform well
  • Learn about sports psychology in a simple, easy to consume format.

Read more about 10-Minute Pregame Prep.

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Improve Your Mental Game From Anywhere In The World

We’re certain that, as a parent, you want to help your child develop confidence and discipline in sports and life. And as a sports parent, you’d love for your children to reach their potential in sports. But encouraging your child to strive for greatness without pressuring them can be a challenge.

You can get expert mental coaching with us from anywhere. Meet with us via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or phone call. With today’s video technology, we are able to connect with athletes and coaches all over the globe.

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