2 Pregame Tips to Help Young Athletes With Stress

Young Athlete Mental Toughness

Help Young Athletes Cope With Pressure

A parent asks, “What are two simple things that I can say to (my player) before the game that will help and not create stress?”

Just before a game, tell your young athletes to avoid thinking about the score or the outcome.

When kids focus on the score, the win or their stats, they will feel the stress or pressure of wanting to win. This is not a good mental game strategy.

And it goes beyond the stress of winning or performing well…

Kids worry about the aftermath of the outcome. “Will my parents be upset if I lose?” Or, “Will I get punished for having poor composure?”

Instead, kids need to focus on how they can execute the tasks associated with their role right now.

For example, if they’re point guards, they should focus on controlling the ball down the court.

If they’re soccer goalies, they should focus on tracking the ball, staying in position, and reacting to the next shot—and they shouldn’t worry about what happens if they don’t make the save.

A second important message for young athletes is: “Have fun out there!”

If kids can focus on having fun and enjoying the experience, they’re more likely to feel more confident and have a positive experience.

If they understand that you want them to be happy and have fun, they’re more likely to loosen up and take risks, which are key to performing well.

Keep in mind that kids put enough pressure on themselves just before a game. You don’t need to add to it! You should avoid reminding them about past mistakes or telling them you want them to be the lead scorers.

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