Sports Kids Who Feel Pressure To Make Parents Happy

One important challenge for sports kids today is a phenomenon called social approval. Young athletes often worry too much about what others may or may not be thinking about them.

Young athletes want other to hold them in high esteem: They want to be accepted, respected, or liked by others. To some degree, this is normal.

But when young athletes are too concerned about what others think of their performance, they often find it difficult to perform up to their abilities in competition. They worry, tighten up, and are afraid to let others down.

We think that young athletes rely too much on what they assume others think about them to boost their own self-worth. Athletes often associate self-worth with achievement in sports. They often think that if friends, coaches and family members respect or admire their athletic abilities, they’re better people.

If your sons or daughters buy into this idea, they believe they earn approval and respect points if they perform well in sports (Of course, this belief is not always true.)

Sports parents must understand that a young athlete’s need for approval exerts yet another pressure on the child or teen. Athletes who crave approval from others often become anxious in competition, worrying about failing or becoming embarrassed in public.

Worrying too much about what others think is one of the root causes underlying an athlete’s fear of failure. Athletes are afraid to fail because of the potential for negative public scrutiny by their peers!

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Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn

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