Help Young Athletes Focus on The Process Before a Game

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Helping Sports Kids’ Focus Before Games

Just before a game, young athletes need to focus on what’s going on right now—not on the past or future. That means they need to learn how to avoid concentrating on what others think of them, on the score or win or other outcomes.

When kids concentrate on playing in the moment, and being grounded in the here-and-now, they’re more likely to feel confident, get in the flow, and perform well.

Before a game, you should help kids stop focusing on the score, their stats or the win… You should help them stop focusing on past mistakes.

By doing this, you’re helping them learn critical skills that will benefit them just before a game—and during it.

First of all, it’s important for both you and your sports kids to understand that kids can selectively concentrate on what they want to focus on.

Often, parents and young athletes don’t understand that they can take control of their focus. Focus is a skill that can be improved, just like physical skills.

Young athletes are able to filter out what is necessary to focus on when they’re throwing a baseball, kicking a soccer ball or shooting a basket.

They focus their minds on certain objects, feelings, thoughts, targets, communication from teammates, or cues from their surroundings, all of which help them perform.

Here are just a few examples of performance cues for golfers:

  • Pick a target/have a plan.
  • Rehearse the shot in your mind.
  • Commit to the shot.
  • Trust your swing.

Focusing on such performance cues before a game is a great step toward staying in the moment while performing!

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