Helping Kids Have High Intensity to Perform Well


Young Athletes and High Intensity

Young athletes often under perform early in a game because they lack intensity. Why is intensity important?

When kids come prepared with a high level of intensity, they’re more likely to focus better in competition, which results in a better overall performance.

If your kids come to the game tired or with a lack of intensity, they will not focus well and this will show in their performance. And not performing well early in the game, can snowball into a lack of confidence.

When kids aren’t focused at the beginning of a game, help them assess their level of intensity.

Often, intensity equals focus. But not always. Some kids need a lower level of intensity. How can kids figure out what’s best for them?

They need to think back to their best games or performances. What type of intensity did they experience? They should try to recreate those feelings.

Your athletes can boost their intensity by getting physically active. That could mean doing sprints, stretching or jumping rope.

Physical activation gets their heart rate into an optimal zone so they can focus better. But that’s not all they can do…

Another way to boost intensity is to make sure they feel challenged.

Sometimes young athletes might feel bored, less challenged, and thus lack the right pregame intensity. You want this to be their challenge and NOT an expectation they feel from you.

For example, a golfer might focus on hitting the first two greens in regulation. A tennis player might think about going into the net two times in the first game. A swimmer might think about a strong push off the wall.

Overall, parents and coaches need to help young athletes understand what works best for them and help them get into their optimal zone of intensity.

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