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Coping With The Mental Side of Sports Injuries in Kids

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Helping Sports Kids Build Confidence When Injured When kids experience sports injuries severe enough to keep them from playing or participating, they tend to have fairly dramatic reactions, said Dr. Jorge Gomez, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in a podcast interview. As we’ve said here at the … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Sports Kids Feel Safe and Boost Their Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids Who Worry About Injuries It’s no surprise that kids worry about getting injured in youth sports. But did you know that such worries undermine kids’ confidence, performance and enjoyment of sports? We recently chatted with Marcie Fyock, an instructor for George Mason University’s athletic training education program about … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Nurturing Kids’ Mental Game Strengths To Boost Performance

Youth Sports Psychology

Helping Sports Kids’ Boost Performance Your sports kids likely have mental game strengths–whether or not they’ve had any mental game training. It’s a good idea to identify and nurture these strengths. This will help your sports kids understand the value of having a strong mental game. Understanding the keys to … Read Sport Psychology Tip