What to Say to Sports Kids After a Game

Communicating With Sports Kids

Communicating With Sports Kids After Games

Sports parents often ask how to best communicate with their sports children after a game.

This is a critical question; the messages that parents give their sports kids after a game can do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence, or on the contrary, do the very opposite.

Sometimes, parents make the mistake of bringing up their children’s negative performance.

Even when the sports parents are trying to be helpful, the kids most likely will only hear that they’ve done poorly, especially after a rough game.

During these times, it is NEVER a good idea to bring up mistakes. They are most likely already down on themselves. And this will sink their confidence.

Instead, start by focusing on some positives.

For example, if you know your basketball-playing kids are working on staying between their opponents and the basket on defense, say something about their improvement… Bring up other small, positive details you noticed in their game to help boost their confidence.

It is important to note that while you shouldn’t harp on failure, you should also not reward too much based on success.

You need to build the idea that your athletes’ performance does not reflect on them as people.

If their self-esteem is tied into how they play, they will emotionally suffer with every loss or bad game, and the toll will take the fun from the sport.

Remind your kids that they should enjoy themselves!

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