August 29, 2015

Helping Young Athletes Improve Composure in Sports

Youth Sports Psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn of Kids’ Sports Psychology explains why athletes become frustrated during competition and what coaches and parents can do about it. Help young athletes identify frustration-producing thoughts and modify them so your young athletes can reap the many benefits of improved composed during competition.


Watch the first video in this series: How Young Athletes Become Frustrated in Sport: A Model for Sports Parents and Coaches.

If you are curious as to what causes athletes to lose their composure after mistakes, watch the first video. My first video in this series titled, “How Athletes Become Frustrated,” is posted below for your education:

For more youth sports psychology videos, visit Dr. Cohn’s Youtube channel at MindsetforSports.

Access sports psychology videos for sports parents, coaches, and their kids at Kids’ Sports Psychology.

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