November 27, 2015

Helping Sports Kids Resolve Conflict to Boost Performance

When kids are distracted by the disagreements they have with their friends, opponents or coaches, they don’t perform well in sports. They don’t enjoy it as much or learn as much. If they’re thinking about fighting over a guy, or being angry with a friend, or disagreeing with their parents, they’ … [Read more...]

How to Deal With Difficult/Bully Coaches

Ultimate Sports Parent Radio interviews Christopher Hickey, executive director of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education, about how parents can deal with difficult or bully coaches. Mental game expert Dr. Patrick Cohn provides commentary. * Download the How to Deal With … [Read more...]

Our Top Post-Game Confidence Tip for Sports Parents

You want your kids to walk away from competition with more confidence than they started with, correct? Below, we give you our top Post Game Tip. But first... Most kids tend to beat up on themselves after they compete. It's part of human nature. It's part of being a dedicated athlete. It's … [Read more...]

Want to Boost Young Athletes’ Confidence Quickly?

Confidence is the Number One trait that determines whether young athletes achieve their potential in youth sports. When kids lack confidence, they start doubting themselves, stop taking risks, play tentatively, and are hard on themselves. As a result, kids often lose their motivation to … [Read more...]

Helping Sports Kids Commit to Growth

Ultimate Sports Parent Radio interviews Rob Barber, president of USAthletic Baseball, which provides baseball training programs. Barber, who has coached a number of baseball players who went on to become major league players, talks about helping kids commit to developing as players. That includes … [Read more...]

Helping Young Athletes Avoid the Blame Game After Setbacks

When your sports kids get a bad call from a ref, lose a game when it's raining or make a bad pass when a dog is barking, do they blame the ref, the rain and the dog? If so, your kids need to learn how to take responsibility for mistakes and failures. And your words and actions will either … [Read more...]

Communicate Well with Sports Kids, And Reap the Benefits

How you communicate with your sports kids is critical to building their confidence. We recently chatted with Michel Langlois, co--owner of Prospect Communications, which helps parents, coaches and administrators develop more effective communication approaches. He’s also a former coach and has f … [Read more...]

Get Live Sports Parent Coaching From Us

Jennifer sought our help with some tough challenges about her son, who just started playing tackle football: He lacks confidence because he’s the smallest on the team. He doesn’t respond appropriately to criticism. His confidence sinks when he feels as if he’s not playing “perfectly.” We invited J … [Read more...]