How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game?

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Sport Parents Behavior Before Games

Lisa Cohn here to tell you all about the challenges I encountered before my son’s first soccer game.

Truth is, I was nervous for Michael. He’s six years old and this was the first sports game he had ever played. I wanted it to be a positive experience for him. I worried that if anything went wrong, he’d never want to return to soccer.

Last year, he signed up to play, and never put his foot on the field. So I had reason to be nervous. I didn’t want to push him into soccer, but I really wanted him to experience the many benefits of playing sports.

So, I tried to follow some of my own tips. I didn’t talk too much about the game before it took place. I tried to get him there on time (one of my weaknesses as a sports mom is always rushing in at the last moment). And just as he got on the field, I waved and said, “Have fun out there!” I kept my worries to myself.

Turns out, Michael had a blast- even though he kicked the ball in the wrong direction the first time he got his foot on it. The good news was that he felt confident enough to put his foot on the ball and kick. And he did- again and again!

Sports parents, how you behave before a game is critical…

If you discuss the game, be positive. Don’t point out kids’ weaknesses. Be sure to let your kids know you love them no matter what happens! And be a good role model. Don’t show your jitters if you’re nervous.

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