Parents, Have Your Kids Wanted to Quit Sports?

 Why Do Young Athletes Want to Quit Sports?

Why Do Young Athletes Want to Quit Sports?

Why do young athletes want to quit sports? We’d love to hear from you…

Often, athletes quit sports because of pressures from outside sources, be it parents, coaches, or teammates, but reasons vary.

Here’s what some young athletes have told us:

  • “My mom wont let me quit basketball even though I don’t enjoy it anymore. She’s always yelling at me… I get emotionally broken.”
  • “My teammates make me feel like I’m garbage… It just makes me feel sad and depressed because of the pressure they’re putting on me when I feel like I’m working really hard.”
  • “I want to quit basketball because of the pressure my coach puts on me, but my parents won’t let me quit. I am just not enjoying the sport anymore.”

These kids’ stories say it all…

Young athletes don’t want to be yelled at or pressured by parents, coaches or peers. They don’t want to be bullied by teammates.

All of these issues make it hard for young athletes to enjoy sports–and enjoyment is the key to staying in the game.

Instead of pressuring kids, parents need to tell them to have fun–be encouraging, not demanding.

When sports kids say that teammates are bullying them, it’s important for parents to listen–and take action by speaking to the coach or administrator of the team.

Let your sports kids make mistakes and learn from them. Focus on learning new skills and being with friends.

We Need Your Help!

Parents and coaches, we want to hear why your sports kids say they want to stop playing sports.

How did you respond to your athletes when they wanted to quit?

What was their decision to stay in sports?

Please email us to share your story! And your story can certainly be anonymous if you prefer… You can email

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