How Young Athletes Can Use Mental Imagery to Boost Performance

Mental Imagery for Young Athletes

Improve Sports Kids’ Confidence and Focus Mental imagery is a useful mental game skill that can improve young athletes’ performance. Many athletes have experienced success using visualization daily in their training regimes. Athletes say that visualization boosts confidence, improves focus, creates poise under pressure, improves consistency and makes it easier … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Kids Improve Their Focus Before Competition

How Elite Teams Can Hurt Kids’ Confidence

Parents: Help Kids Boost Pregame Concentration Just before kids compete, they need to focus as much as possible on what’s happening right now, not on the past or future. They will do better if they can avoid focusing on common distractions–what others think of them, the score, the win, or … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Young Athletes Focus on The Process Before a Game

Pregame Mental Preparation

Helping Sports Kids’ Focus Before Games Just before a game, young athletes need to focus on what’s going on right now—not on the past or future. That means they need to learn how to avoid concentrating on what others think of them, on the score or win or other outcomes. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Teaching Young Athletes How To Refocus When Distracted

Youth Sports Psychology

Helping Sports Kids Refocus With spring almost here and sports kids spending more time outside, young athletes may be distracted by a number of things. When they’re outside, bad weather, mud, barking dogs, birds and other distractions may pull their focus away when playing sports. When kids are distracted, they … Read Sport Psychology Tip