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Athletes Who Are Impatient And Lack Commitment in Sports [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

The “I Want it Now” Attitude One of the biggest challenges sports kids face is a “I want it now” attitude, says Kirk Mango, a three-time Hall of Fame Athlete, National Champion and author of “Becoming A True Champion.” If kids are going to make the most of their youth … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes turn Doubt into Confidence As The Fall Sports Season Begins

Youth Sports Psychology

Mental Game Skills to Overcome Doubt As the new season begins, it’s a great idea to look at ways to boost your kids’ confidence in sports. Going into a season equipped with the mental game strategies to stay mentally tough will help your kids throughout the season and the year. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Focusing Skills Are Critical for Young Athletes

Youth Sports Psychology

What Should Sports Kids Focus On? A sports mom tells us that coaches recognize her daughter, 13, who plays fast-pitch softball, could potentially be a Division 1 player. But she’s got a big challenge to overcome—a mental game challenge. In the sports mom’s words, this player gets too nervous on … Read Sport Psychology Tip