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Preparing Young Athletes Mentally for Games

Youth Sports Psychology

Instilling Mental Toughness in Sports Kids Parents and coaches, preparing kids mentally for games is one of the best ways you can help them feel ready at game time. Why? Because kids who possess mental toughness often have higher confidence levels and perform better. First of all, understand it’s best … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Your Pregame Talk Can Turn Into Pressure For Athletes

Youth Sports Psychology

High Expectations in Youth Sports Parents, it’s easy to hurt your sports kids’ confidence before a game by saying or doing things that you think will help your athletes. You may think that you’re boosting kids’ confidence, but in reality, you might cause them to feel more expectations. For example, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Dangers of Over-Coaching Your Child Before Games

Youth Sports Psychology

Over-Coaching Young Athletes Many parents we talk to are guilty of this mental game no-no before their athletes enter competition… Over-coaching your young athletes. When you over-coach kids just before a game, you fill their heads with information they really don’t need at that moment. Just before a game, kids … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Don’t Make This Mistake I Made With My Athlete…

How Nutrition Affects Kids Sports' Performance

What Sport Parents Should Avoid Lisa Cohn here from I admit it. I said and did all the wrong things with my first young athlete, especially before a game. Long before we got in the car, I’d start talking about the last game. I’d talk about how big the … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Who Suffer From Anxiety

Youth Sports Psychology

Anxiety in Youth Sports Nearly 20% of the population suffers from anxiety, and young athletes are no exception. In fact, kids who have mild anxiety might experience high anxiety in stressful sports situations. Parents and coaches, you can help identify when sports kids are suffering from anxiety- and determine how … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Young Athletes Overcome Anxiety In Sports and Life

Youth Sports Psychology

Helping Sports Kids With Anxiety Many kids (especially teens) suffer from anxiety. One of their biggest causes of anxiety: What others think of them. In sports, this is a big issue. Kids spend a lot of time worrying about what their peers, parents or coaches will think of their performance. … Read Sport Psychology Tip