Positive Sports Parents

One Trap for Parents That Hurts Kids’ Confidence

Sports Parent That Hurts Kids' Confidence

Avoiding Comparisons to Boost Confidence in Young Athletes As sports parents, we all strive to be positive and happy role models for our children. Unfortunately, the stresses of sports can bring out the negative in us if we don’t try to keep an actively positive mind. The trap is that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Communicating With Young Athletes Is Key To Success

When Athletes Worry About Being Judged

Clear Communication With Young Athletes A number of parents and coaches ask: What’s the best way to communicate with my young athletes? Clearly, communicating with your young athletes is critical. You want to stay in close communication for a number of reasons. –They may be unhappy with their coaches.–They may … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Be Relentlessly Positive In Youth Sports [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Instilling Positivity in Youth Sports We recently spoke with KC Wilder, a former collegiate All-American in cycling, a mental training coach and Positive Coaching Alliance trainer. “Young athletes are likely to be happier in a positive environment,” says Wilder, who is also a sports mom. “We are raising confidence and … Read Sport Psychology Tip