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Top Challenges for Sport Parents and Youth Athletes 

Top Challenges for Sport Parents and Youth Athletes 

How to Handled Challenges with Youth Athletes At Peak Performance Sports, we’re contacted everyday by sports parents wanting us to work with their young athletes. They are often looking for resources or coaching to improve their athletes mental game and performance. In some cases, sports parents contact us because they … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Choose Your Words With Young Athletes

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

How to Communicate With Young Athletes The words parents and coaches choose when communicating with young athletes can boost kids’ confidence or deflate it, says Ganon Baker, a sports development coach who has worked with teams internationally and also played basketball in Iceland.   When talking to kids about a … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Trap for Parents That Hurts Kids’ Confidence

Sports Parent That Hurts Kids' Confidence

Avoiding Comparisons to Boost Confidence in Young Athletes As sports parents, we all strive to be positive and happy role models for our children. Unfortunately, the stresses of sports can bring out the negative in us if we don’t try to keep an actively positive mind. The trap is that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Communication is More Important for Athletes

How to Develop Confidence

How to Develop Confidence in Sports Kids Sports parents, and coaches alike, play an integral role in how your sports kids feel about the sports they play and their overall experiences. Often sports parents, however, can unwittingly hurt their kids’ confidence by being overly enthusiastic. For example, it makes many … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parents Who Have Different Objectives for Their Young Athletes

Conflicting Sports Parents

Helping Sports Parents Get on The Same Page With Athletes A sports parent asks: “I would like to know how to face the challenge of competing parent interests. My x-husband and I seem to want very different things from our children’s experience with sports.” Parents who communicate different ideas to … Read Sport Psychology Tip