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The Problems with Favoritism in Youth Sports Athletes

What Can Athletes Learn from Elite Athletes’ Mindset?

Dealing With Favoritism in Youth Sports Sports parent Michael Sands is unhappy with what he calls favoritism at Beverly Hills High, where his son plays football. The coaches are all volunteers, but on weekends, they coach certain kids—for a fee. This puts the young athletes who get extra coaching on … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Confidence is a Youth-Sports Cure-All

Youth Sports Psychology

Instilling Confidence in Young Athletes Why is confidence so important in youth sports? Because it’s a cure-all. It’s that simple. When kids feel confident, they don’t get scared. They don’t get worried or tense. They believe their skills are just as good as their competitors’. Confident athletes recover easily from … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Maturity Levels can Dictate Sports Kids’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Young Athlete Maturity Levels And Confidence Should kids be grouped by maturity level? And will it help them have more fun or feel more confident? Dr. Gary Brazina knows what he’s talking about when he says some young athletes struggle with confidence because of maturity differences. He’s a sports dad, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Kids Benefit From “Get Ready” Routines

How to Care About Athletes’ Mental Health

“Get Ready” Routines Some of the biggest mental game challenges for sports kids are distractions. When they’re practicing, playing or performing, kids get distracted when they worry about what others’ think of them. They also get distracted when a dog runs onto the field. Some kids get distracted when their … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How One Teen Uses Sports Psychology to Excel and Stay Calm

Youth Sports Psychology

Staying Calm in Youth Sports A recent LA Times story featured Marisa Berger, a 15-year-old high school student who takes part in the modern pentathlon, an Olympic sport during which she shoots guns, fences, swims, rides horses and runs–all in single day. Her goal is to become “the complete athlete,” … Read Sport Psychology Tip