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Why Over-Coaching Athletes Before Games Hurts

Confident Sports Kids

How To Avoid Over-Coaching Your Athletes Some well-meaning parents tend to give kids too much advice just before a game. It often sounds like this: “Don’t forget to get your foot behind the ball when you’re kicking. Keep your head up when you’re shooting.” Worse, parents remind young athletes not … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Importance of Athletes’ Pregame Mindset

Youth Sports Psychology

Help Sports Kids Overcome Self-Doubt Do your sports kids lose confidence just before a game or competition? Confidence in youth sports is the most important mental game advantage. They worry, for example, about the size and strength of their opponents, and compare themselves to other athletes. They tell themselves they’re … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents: Do Your Sports Kids Lack Confidence?

Video of The Week

Confidence For Young Athletes In “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about sports confidence and parenting advice. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast. Are you … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Kids Resist Mental Game Training—And What Parents Should Do

Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Mentally strong athletes—those who have done some mental game training—don’t balk after making mistakes. They don’t call themselves negative names. And they’re often great team players because they’re so positive. Truth is, however, that sports kids resist mental training, and miss out on these and other important benefits. Why? Because … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Don’t Make This Mistake I Made With My Athlete…

How Nutrition Affects Kids Sports' Performance

What Sport Parents Should Avoid Lisa Cohn here from I admit it. I said and did all the wrong things with my first young athlete, especially before a game. Long before we got in the car, I’d start talking about the last game. I’d talk about how big the … Read Sport Psychology Tip