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When Coaches or Teammates Hurt Kids’ Confidence

Sports Kids Confidence

How to Help your Athlete have Self-Confidence A volleyball player wrote us recently: “Volleyball just started up again a few weeks ago and I was very excited. My coach told me I would probably play varsity by our first game, I got to go with to tournaments and team camps … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Young Athletes Build Ultimate Self-Confidence

Ultimate Self Confidence

Athletes who Lose Confidence with Constructive Criticism “I’m a female soccer player. I’m often challenged mentally when playing and this usually happens at training sessions, my teammate would tell me how I can’t do a certain thing eg. Properly marking my opponent.” “I end up questioning my ability to do … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Avoid Comparison Trap for Sports Parents

Sports Parent: Avoid and Stop Comparing Your Athletes

Comparisons Hurt Athletes’ Confidence When we surveyed parents, we found that 23% said that kids judge how their teammates are performing instead of focusing on their own play. Focusing on others’ play will distract your young athletes from their own game, and can become a major confidence killer. In the … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Help Sports Kids Trust in Their Skills

How to Help Sports Kids Trust in Their Skills

How to Help Your Kids Stop Over Analyzing Their Performance A sports parent asks: “How do I reduce my child’s over-analysis of possible difficult in-game situations?” Concentrating on in-game mistakes is a common issue for sports kids, and hurts kids’ confidence. Do your sports children focus on the small details, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Athletes Who Lack Confidence and Mental Game


What Mental Game Challenges Do Young Athlete Have? A sports parent wrote in and said: “My 14-year-old is a basketball player and an excellent shooter under most circumstances, but recently he has been missing free throws and shots in the fourth quarter. After the games, he seems dejected and sad, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Trap for Parents That Hurts Kids’ Confidence

Sports Parent That Hurts Kids' Confidence

Avoiding Comparisons to Boost Confidence in Young Athletes As sports parents, we all strive to be positive and happy role models for our children. Unfortunately, the stresses of sports can bring out the negative in us if we don’t try to keep an actively positive mind. The trap is that … Read Sport Psychology Tip