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It’s Never too Late to Learn – Sports Parents’ Top Dilemma Update

Youth Sports Psychology

Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism Lisa Cohn here from the Ultimate Sports Parent. In my last post, I talked about all the great questions and comments we have received from parents and coaches about perfectionism and fear of failure. One of the biggest concerns from parents is that it may … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents Share Stories About Kids’ Perfectionism

Youth Sports Psychology

Identifying Perfectionism in Young Athletes Lisa Cohn here from The Ultimate Sports Parent. I would like to share some quick tips about identifying perfectionism and fear of failure in young athletes. This is a really hot topic in youth sports. Several parents and coaches have shared their stories about young … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Trust in Their Skills

Youth Sports Psychology

Performing With Trust And Freedom in Youth Sports Do your sports kids excel in practice, but freeze up in competition? Do they have a hard time just being spontaneous and free when they compete? If so, you might need to help your child trust his or her athletic ability… Freezing … Read Sport Psychology Tip