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How Overuse Injuries Affect Athletes’ Mindset

Overcoming Perfectionism in Youth Sports Often, we hear from parents who worry about young athletes who are too hard on themselves. You’re likely familiar with these types of athletes. They’re perfectionists! Perfectionists athletes criticize themselves for making mistakes, often hold very high expectations for themselves, and get frustrated easily after … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Ultimate Sports Parent Radio Show

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

The Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast We recently received an email for John about The Ultimate Sports Parent Radio Show (podcast). Here is what John had to say… “Lisa, I listening to several of your podcast and found them very interesting. However, the suggestions given by your guests are very slanted … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents Need Mental Training Too

Youth Sports Psychology

The Ultimate Sports Parent Have I ever told you that I grew up in a sports-crazed family with five kids? 30 years ago when I played football, hockey, golf, and lacrosse year round, our dad was an enthusiastic sports parent. He often impeached us to play harder and live up … Read Sport Psychology Tip