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Helping Young Athletes Grow From Mistakes – New Kids Sports E-book

Youth Sports Psychology

Facing Adversity in Youth Sports Do your sports kids have a hard time bouncing back after mistakes? Does their confidence decline after losing a game? Based on what other parents are telling us, the answer is a resounding “yes”! For example, here’s what one sports parent says: “My son is … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Sports Parent’s Story About Perfectionism and The Mental Game

Hall of Fame Lacrosse Player’s Teamwork Tips

Perfectionism in Youth Sports We recently checked in with Jane, a tennis pro, and her son, Jeff, a Division I tennis player. Jane had a lot to say about the value of focusing on the “mental game.” Why should you be interested in Jane’s story? Because it’s a classic example … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Composure is so Important for Young Athletes

Help Young Athletes Compete Under Pressure

Composure in Youth Sports Does your young athlete have trouble coping with mistakes? Do your athletes check out during games because they can’t let go of mistakes? In fact, 35% of sports parents we surveyed said that their young athletes struggle with letting go of mistakes. In other words, if … Read Sport Psychology Tip