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Make Sure Your Coach Is Right For Your Young Athlete

Youth Sports Psychology

Coaches Who Instill Fun in Youth Sports Lisa here from Kids’ Sports Psychology to tell you about how my 6-year-old’s first soccer practice went- and why I hope your kids have similar experiences. I’m here to report the practice went very well. I’m thrilled with my son’s coaches this year. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Sports Kids Set Goals Without Expectations

Youth Sports Psychology

Setting Effective Goals in Youth Sports How do you help sports kids set goals that don’t create high expectations? Wait a minute, you may ask. The whole process of setting goals creates expectations! Read on to understand the critical difference between setting goals and creating high expectations in youth sports. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Setting Goals is So Important for Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Setting Goals in Youth Sports It’s a great idea to set goals for sports kids. Goal-setting helps improve kids’ motivation and commitment, helps them stay focused on what to accomplish, helps them assess their strengths and weaknesses, and track their performance. But who should do it–the parent, the young athlete, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Encouraging Sports Kids without Pressuring Them

Youth Sports Psychology

Encouraging Kids to Play Sports Just how can sports parents encourage kids to take part in sports and support them—without pressuring them? That’s a good question, and the answers are not so obvious. Read on to get tips from Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse, who says his parents knew just how … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Are Sports Kids Their Own Worst Enemies?

Youth Sports Psychology

The Pitfalls of High Expectations Just how many ways can young athletes sabotage their sports performance? In lots of ways, says Dr. Harold Shinitzky, a sports psychologist and author of “Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life.” “A lot of athletes, based on how they think of themselves, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Is Setting Goals Too Much Pressure for Young Athletes?

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Goal Setting in Youth Sports Do you feel frustrated when your young athletes seem to lack motivation and direction? Would helping sports kids set goals be helpful? If so, you’re not alone. We often hear from sports parents and coaches who want to better understand how to help motivate their … Read Sport Psychology Tip