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Using Sports Psychology to Overcome a Cold Streak

How Sports Kids’ Mental Game Affects College Recruitment

“How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas” Mary Nhin’s son, Kobe, began competing in tennis a couple of years ago and was winning most of his games… until he hit a cold streak. “He began going into super tiebreakers, a very short determining point system, and he would get very nervous, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Teaching Athletes to Feel The Pain of Failure with “Growth Mindsets” [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Embracing Failure to Grow in Youth Sports There’s two ways young athletes can deal with failure and losses, says Eric DeMeulenaere, a Clark University professor, former soccer coach and author of “Reflections From the Field.” They can look at losses from a growth mindset, which means feeling the pain and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Embrace Mental Training

Youth Sports Psychology

Mental Training Benefits For Kids Here’s one former sports kid who has lots of good things to say about the benefits of mental training: “Dr. Patrick Cohn, I am so happy to see you exposing the true potential and impact of mental training with children.  As a gymnast, I used … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Top Confidence-Building Tips from a Former NBA Coach

Youth Sports Psychology

The Biggest Confidence Challenges for Young Athletes They immediately focus on the negative side of the feedback that coaches are trying to give them. That’s the word from Hal Wissel, a basketball coach who has worked for numerous NBA teams, is founder of Basketball World, and author of “Basketball: Steps … Read Sport Psychology Tip