Patrick Cohn

Youth Sports: An Athlete’s “Emotional Tank”

Youth Sports Psychology

Building Confidence in Young Athletes How can parents and coaches fill a young athlete’s “emotional tank?” Coaches need to praise kids five times before they provide one piece of constructive criticism, says David Jacobson, a spokesman for the Positive Coaching Alliance, based at Stanford University. “We liken a child’s emotional … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Trust in Their Skills

Youth Sports Psychology

Performing With Trust And Freedom in Youth Sports Do your sports kids excel in practice, but freeze up in competition? Do they have a hard time just being spontaneous and free when they compete? If so, you might need to help your child trust his or her athletic ability… Freezing … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Perfectionistic Sports Kids

How Overuse Injuries Affect Athletes’ Mindset

Overcoming Perfectionism in Youth Sports Often, we hear from parents who worry about young athletes who are too hard on themselves. You’re likely familiar with these types of athletes. They’re perfectionists! Perfectionists athletes criticize themselves for making mistakes, often hold very high expectations for themselves, and get frustrated easily after … Read Sport Psychology Tip