Overcoming Young Athletes’ Resistance to Mental Training

Youth Sports Psychology

3 Reasons Why Young Athletes Resist Mental Training One sports parent recently asked: “How do I get my son to buy into the need for mental training? He is an extremely skilled player who lacks confidence but stubbornly is not open to mental training.” Whether young athletes are skilled or unskilled, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Pressure Sports Kids, and They Might Drop Out of Sports Altogether

Youth Sports Psychology

Do You Pressure Your Sports Kids? One of our readers, a caring sports mom, has this confession to make: “I am guilty! I am a frustrated but well-meaning mother who has put pressure to perform on my children.” This is an important realization for this sports mom. She understands that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Problems with Favoritism in Youth Sports Athletes

What Can Athletes Learn from Elite Athletes’ Mindset?

Dealing With Favoritism in Youth Sports Sports parent Michael Sands is unhappy with what he calls favoritism at Beverly Hills High, where his son plays football. The coaches are all volunteers, but on weekends, they coach certain kids—for a fee. This puts the young athletes who get extra coaching on … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Should Sports Parents be Their Kids’ Trainer, Nutritionist and Sports Psychologist?

Youth Sports Psychology

Motivating And Communicating With Young Athletes Mari, a sports mom of two successful kayakers, aged 13 and 14, says she’s her kids’ sports psychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist and much more. She contacted us to ask: Is she too over-involved in her kids’ sports life? After speaking with Mari, we concluded that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parents’ Role in Motivating Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Motivate Young Athletes Without Pressuring Them Sam, a Division III basketball player, says it’s hard for him to motivate himself unless his coaches are watching him and pushing him along. As a young athlete, Sam’s not alone. We hear from many parents who say that their kids of all ages … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Your Sports Kid’s Confidence is Low Because Friends Excel

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids’ And Making Comparisons What do you do when your young athlete’s confidence sinks every time a talented friend or teammate excels in sports? This is a common problem for young athletes. Kids are social beings—and they tend to compare themselves to their friends. But in sports, this is … Read Sport Psychology Tip