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When Athletes Play to Not Make Mistakes

When Athletes Play to Not Make Mistakes

Why Do Young Athletes Fear Failure? A sports parent asks: “Our 12-year-old son is having challenges in baseball. He is playing not to make mistakes and seems to have lost his aggression and effectiveness. He is also the smallest, youngest kid on the team. What tips might you have for … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Young Athletes Focus on The Process Before a Game

Pregame Mental Preparation

Helping Sports Kids’ Focus Before Games Just before a game, young athletes need to focus on what’s going on right now—not on the past or future. That means they need to learn how to avoid concentrating on what others think of them, on the score or win or other outcomes. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Kids Resist Mental Game Training—And What Parents Should Do

Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Mentally strong athletes—those who have done some mental game training—don’t balk after making mistakes. They don’t call themselves negative names. And they’re often great team players because they’re so positive. Truth is, however, that sports kids resist mental training, and miss out on these and other important benefits. Why? Because … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Embrace Mental Training

Youth Sports Psychology

Mental Training Benefits For Kids Here’s one former sports kid who has lots of good things to say about the benefits of mental training: “Dr. Patrick Cohn, I am so happy to see you exposing the true potential and impact of mental training with children.  As a gymnast, I used … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Sports Kids Boost Mental Stamina with Awareness

Youth Sports Psychology

Mental Stamina in Youth Sports Let’s say your young athlete is a golfer, baseball player or basketball player who needs to focus intensely before making a putt, throwing a pitch, hitting a ball or shooting a free-throw. The player generally has a strategy and an intention; the goal is to … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Having Fun Helps Sports Kids Perform Well

Youth Sports Psychology

Why Having Fun in Sports is so Important High school athlete Jacob understands why having fun is hands-down the most important thing kids can do when all seems lost. In a recent interview, he told us that when his team is down, or if he makes mistakes, his confidence starts … Read Sport Psychology Tip