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Pressure Sports Kids, and They Might Drop Out of Sports Altogether

Youth Sports Psychology

Do You Pressure Your Sports Kids? One of our readers, a caring sports mom, has this confession to make: “I am guilty! I am a frustrated but well-meaning mother who has put pressure to perform on my children.” This is an important realization for this sports mom. She understands that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Parents’ Expectations Hurt Athletes’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

How Expectations Create Pressure in Sports Kids Youth coach Doug Donaldson says he knows intuitively when one of his young athletes feels pressured by a parent’s expectations. And he also knows the problems such well-meaning expectations can create in young athletes. For example, one of his player’s mothers wants the child … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Coaches Yell, Insult and Intimidate Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Dealing Coaches Who Bully in Youth Sports Have your sports kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? If so, read on… We’ve got some tips—and warnings—for you about what we call “bully coaches.” First of all, our warning. Coaches who teach by being negative or intimidating … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parent Communication with Sports Kids Who Lash Out

Youth Sports Psychology

Communicating With Sports Kids After Losses What exactly is going on in the minds of young athletes when they throw a bat after striking out, storm out of a gym after a loss, or cry when their team suffers a big upset? How should you deal with this behavior? First … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Improve Composure in Sports

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Improving Composure in Competition Youth Sports Psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn of Kids’ Sports Psychology explains why athletes become frustrated during competition and what coaches and parents can do about it. Help young athletes identify frustration-producing thoughts and modify them so your young athletes can reap the many benefits of improved … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Problems with Favoritism in Youth Sports Athletes

What Can Athletes Learn from Elite Athletes’ Mindset?

Dealing With Favoritism in Youth Sports Sports parent Michael Sands is unhappy with what he calls favoritism at Beverly Hills High, where his son plays football. The coaches are all volunteers, but on weekends, they coach certain kids—for a fee. This puts the young athletes who get extra coaching on … Read Sport Psychology Tip